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This my oringal artwork, and his name is Mysterious Men.

I made him about since 8-grade, an his oringal design was a jacket with Orange,and Yellow polka-dot.

But, sometime add my video he main villian each series of his Arch Rival is SMF.64.

While thinking to myself how to make to this guy, and his body is skinny, business suit and his devilish face, then I add his evil mustanche.

But, he not look like Waluigi!

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His Favorite food and drink is...

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His Rival is... Abeinyan

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This one its oringal main character was in youtube channel, but then he wasn't be in the youtube channel."Only on appearing Movie/ some animation short"?

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And this my once main character, I know you thinking "Why Mario wearing black hat, shirt and blue overall?

Well he's not Mario, he just an fan youtuber character its inspried by MegaMan765, also aka Blue Mario...I think? But I going plan myself the overall going be Orange. But got scrap! Also the Black hat,shrit is was be like "Spy vs Spy"

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That my colour code for Super Mario 64!

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Her name is Syori The Octoling she is an counrty girl. And she an live at Big city, but get used to it.

Her favorite is watching some cat video.

Somebody help me, made this intro.

I made an sonic fanfic character His named Spike the Weasel.